Investment business oppertunities in fujairah

Investment business oppertunities in fujairah

The UAE's only emirate on the East Coast has been growing economically and financially continuously under His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi since the mid-1970's. Fujairah's economy traditionally relies on fishing and agriculture but the emirate has evolved into one of the world s leading oil-bunkering ports and has several important industries including cement, stone and mining. In the recent years, there has been also a major progress in construction industry and tourism, while the standard of living in the emirate can compare itself with the one in the world’s wealthiest countries. However, the business potential of Fujairah remains relatively unexploited offering unique investment and business opportunities for both domestic and international investors and entrepreneurs.

the port of fujairah

The Port of Fujairah next to the Free Zone enables investors and entrepreneurs to fully take advantage of the emirate's unique strategic location as the available shipping services provide access to all Arabian Gulf ports as well as all major ports in the Red Sea, India, Iran and Pakistan, not to mention at least weekly services to Europe, Far East and North America. Fujairah is also home to the Fujairah International Airport, the only airport on the UEA's East Coast and Northern Oman. The airport's close proximity to the Port of Fujairah make it ideal for sea-air cargo and logistics. In addition, both the port and airport are nearby the Free Zone of Fujairah offering 100% tax exemption, 100% capital and profits repatriation, 100% foreign ownership and variety of other investment and business friendly policies and facilities.

fujairah business freezone

The region has not gone unaffected by the economic crisis, however, the crisis is a great opportunity at the same time. And it is the opportunity that is offered by the crisis and unique investment opportunity in Fujairah that will be discussed at the Fujairah International Business Forum, BEYOND THE CRISIS: New Business Horizons in the Region which will take place on 4 and 5 April (Monday and Tuesday), 2011, in Fujairah. Respected international speakers from the United States, Europe, China and Africa from government and semi-government, and private and public sectors will focus on how to make the crisis a business and investment opportunity. The Fujairah International Business Forum will also focus on investment and business opportunities that are offered by the region, in first place Fujairah and its unique strategic location combined with exceptional logistic connectivity to the world by the sea, air and land as well as variety of investment and business opportunities offered by the Free Zone of Fujairah.