About Fujairah Business Forum - FBF

Fujairah Business Forum is focused mainly on national and International Business entrepreneurs, investors and Business leaders, bringing them together through offline and online networking. To highlight, it acts as an excellent platform for local and international Businessmen to exchange their views and create a vision for the future in terms of Business. The forum is formed and ably supported by the Government of Fujairah.

FBF promotes a vibrant Business community and culture in Fujairah through the development of formal FBF investor groups, best practices, education and mentoring programs, the formation of collaboration and co-investment mechanisms, and policy advocacy to encourage an efficient risk capital market in Fujairah. The mission of FBF is to increase the quantity, quality, and success of FBF investments in Fujairah, thus creating a greater pool of capital for innovative start-up companies

FBF offers a unique opportunity to its members to maintain high level of social communication through its network with top level professionals from all over the ever-evolving business world. The member group will be able to exchange information and attain co-operation aimed to help emerging markets and business solution.

About Fujairah Free Zone

The free zone of Fujairah was established by an Emiri Decree, issued on the 28th of November 1987, with the objective to offer most liberal terms, minimum regulations and world class facilities to all our investors. With a strong commitment to trade and industry, Fujairah free zone is fast becoming a commercial and industrial safe haven for businessmen and entrepreneurs alike from GCC to the Indian Subcontinent, China, West Asia, Africa, Europe and even the USA.

Fujairah free zone offers an unmatched Economy- cheaper tariffs and minimum start up time.
The tremendous business opportunities in Fujairah have made it emerge as the new energy base in the UAE for: Petrochemical services, Bunkering, Refineries, Heavy engineering Service and tourism industry.

Objectives of 2011 Fujairah International Business Forum

To present the audience with series of speech to be delivered by Distinguished Speakers, Regional and International Business Leaders, Industry Association, Professional Organizations, Media and IT technology experts, on topics such as ~ the current trend prevailing in various industries in different countries in order to finding solutions in the new emerging markets conditions.

To provide a deeper understanding of the new emerging markets and leadership management on how to strategically manage this new emerging market functions

To showcase success of the region in overcoming the economic hurdles.


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