Forum on Growth: New Horizon in the Region

Objectives of 2011 Fujairah international Business Forum
-To present the audience with series of speech to be delivered by Distinguished Speakers, Regional and International Business Leaders, Industry Association, Professional Organizations, Media and IT technology experts, on topics such as ~ the current trend prevailing in various industries in different countries in order to finding solutions in the new emerging markets conditions.

-To provide a deeper understanding of the new emerging markets and leadership management on how to strategically manage this new emerging market functions

-To showcase success of the region in overcoming the economic hurdles.

Invited participants included senior delegations of various country governments from ministries of finance, foreign affairs, and economy/commerce; senior officials of development banks and agencies; international investors and leaders of the private sector, civil society, and foundations

Target Audience
- CEOs & High Executives will speak and attend the conference
- Broad and diverse audience, public sector, private, NGOs, education
-Build awareness of Fujairah Business Forum; invite more senior members to join

The conference is open to company and business executives, CEOs, Investors, Senior Government Officials in UAE, GCC and other part of the world, members of media and related organization. All participants will benefit from a deeper understanding of the significant role of Fujairah in United Arab Emirates and why itís the ideal place for new emerging markets and investors alike.

Over 450 delegates are expected to attend the conference with 200 foreign participants.

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