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Amarak Chemicals

Aries Agro is a 41 year old Indian agribusiness company, specializing in the manufacture and marketing of value added plant nutrition solutions. The Aries’ product range of 65 best-in-class brands includes Chelated micronutrient fertilizers, secondary nutrients and water soluble NPK fertilizers, which are sold through a dealer network of 80,000 retailers. Aries Agro is a publicly listed company in India, listed on the BSE and NSE. Over the past five years, Aries has begun expanding aggressively overseas in the United Arab Emirates. In addition to 6 manufacturing units in India (total capacity 87,000 TPA), Aries has 2 factories in the UAE at various stages of operations.

amarak chemicals fzc

Amarak Chemicals has been set up for the manufacture of Sulphur Bentonite 90% pastilles. Sulphur is one of the essential secondary nutrients for agriculture. The Sulphur Institute Estimates that the worldwide deficiency of Sulphur nutrient in agriculture by 2015 is 11 Million MT, of which 70% of the shortage is in India and China. However, of the various manufacturing locations for Sulphur Bentonite (a highly specialized sulphur nutrient delivery system where 90% sulphur is uniformly coated over Bentonite pastilles), none are located in the Asian region.

Recognizing the potential of scaling up the marketing of Sulphur Bentonite in India through the Aries’ network of 80,000 retailers and also the potential to sell to other agribusiness companies in India, Aries incorporated its subsidiary, Amarak Chemicals FZC in the Fujairah Free Zone and is through with setting up of a large manufacturing unit for this product. In addition to existing markets in India, Amarak will also be a cost effective source of Sulphur Bentonite for companies in China, North Africa and the Mediterranean region of Europe, due to its locational advantage and world class manufacturing infrastructure.

The locational advantage for Amarak arises not only due to its proximity to high demand regions but also because its strategic closeness to oil refineries in the UAE and the Middle Eastern countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc. A critical input for the Amarak manufacturing plant is Elemental Sulphur, a byproduct of the oil refineries and an assured source is a critical success factor.

Amarak’s plant is located in the Fujairah Free Zone over a land area of 26,400 square meters and Phase 1 of the manufacturing base covers 4,000 square meters of factory shed leaving adequate space for future expansion. The plant and machinery, costing around USD 11 Million has been specifically fabricated for Amarak over the past 12 months in India and USA. Once fully commissioned, the plant will have a capacity of 60,000 TPA, expected to be fully utilized in a short period of two years. Amarak currently employs 15 persons in Fujairah and the manufacturing unit is completely automated and the computerized process controls are truly exceptional in design and efficiency.